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OIW: Reducing Overboard Discharge Case Study Request
Combining Advanced Biocide Evaluation and Microbial Monitoring to Optimise Microbial Control Purchase
Incompatibility of Biocides and Oxygen Scavengers, an Overlooked Corrosion Risk? Purchase
A Literature Review of Microbiological Issues Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing and Mitigation Strategies Request
Pipeline Asset Integrity Surveys: A Systematic Approach Case Study Request
Produced Water Quality and Corrosion Inhibitor Audit: A Case Study of Operational Issues Request
Identification and treatment of severe MIC problems at a Gas Production Facility Request
Water-injection Treatment: Asset Protection of Treatment Facilities and Pipelines Request
On-site Biocide Study and Identification of Troubleshome Microorganisms in a Middle East Inland Water Treatment Plant Request
A Derivatisation and Liquid Chromatography/Electrospray Ionisation Multistage Mass Spectrometry Method for the Characterisation of Naphthenic Acids Purchase
Implications of Biofuels on Microbial Spoilage and Corrosion within the Fuel Distribution Chain and End Use Purchase
Overview of Souring, Corrosion and Plugging Due to Reservoir Organisms Request
Offshore Issues Related to Microbiological Fuel Contamination  Request
Influence of Surfaces on Sulphidogenic Bacteria Purchase
Corrosion Implications of Thermophilic Sulphate- Reducing Bacterial Growth in Oil Reservoirs Request