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Asset Integrity Maintenance Program

Oil Plus promotes the use of a logical seven step process to ensure a comprehensive asset integrity maintenance program.

Each step can be reviewed and implemented independently or grouped in a series depending on individual client needs.

7 Step Process
A process to efficiently build a verified asset register and to ensure that data required for operations personnel is as complete as possible. The asset register is verified to ensure full compliance with ISO 14224:2016. Verification can take the form of site visits to physically identify the equipment or a paper exercise using controlled documentation. During both processes supporting equipment technical attributes will be collated.
Maintenance strategies are developed for equipment within the process to meet the equipment criticality and the acceptable level of integrity and safety whilst gaining high reliability and availability of the asset without any unnecessary investment. Typically maintenance strategies consist of: - The functional description and boundary of the equipment - The prescribed generic/specific maintenance strategy for the equipment - The Repair Strategy describing the appropriate approach to equipment reinstatement, be it; unit replacement, component replacement, vendor refurbishment, etc - The recommended preventive and condition based maintenance activities to defend against the identified Failure Modes together with their frequencies and trades - The periodicity of the recommended activities - A summary of Work Instructions and their periodicity - Failure data used to support the strategy, if available
The asset integrity maintenance program will be compiled in the client’s WMS by combining the asset register and maintenance strategy to create an integrity inspection program which aligns with the existing preventative maintenance program, where possible. The objective is to provide an optimised program to spread the workload. Key steps are: - Define Data Migration Specification - Asset Register Verification - Maintenance Strategy Development - Job Plan Authoring - Preventive Maintenance Optimisation - Spare Parts Analysis - ATEX Inspection Program Integration - WMS Load-files - Implement maintenance program in WMS - Review and develop WMS KPI Reporting
Utilising tried and tested technology, Crandale can introduce a handheld data logger system to capture third party inspection records which automatically interfaces with your WMS. This will improve work efficiency with a centralised WMS and integrated remote solution.
Ensure that inspection records are accurate and comprehensive and KP3 compliant.
Introduce KPIs and report to Technical Authorities directly from WMS. Key KPI’s are: - Technical attribute completion - Performance assurance compliance - PM vs Breakdown vs Corrective - Backlog - Inspection rate - Strategy compliance
We recognise that continuous improvement is an essential part in the client’s quality management system and is paramount in ensuring operational efficiency. Crandale shall develop a continuous improvement program to enhance the system based on the KPIs.