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Centralised CMMS/WMS

Improved visibility, common understanding of the goals, and the system implementation.

Leading to better, more informed feedback from the end users providing a meaningful continuous improvement cycle which will enhance the overall performance optimisation. Improving company financial performance for a typical asset in excess of £500k over the year, every year.

Puzzle for Centralised CMMS WMS
Our Software isn’t just part of the process, it is the process!
The key to success in any project is fully qualified and accurate data sets. Crandale utilise built-in data integrity checks to ensure your data makes sense.
Feedback from our clients forms a critical part of the Job Plan development cycle, allowing us to incorporate the latest technical standards and working practices.
Combining the Maintenance Strategy results with the Job Plans’ technical detail, the Preventive Maintenance module provides a comprehensive overview of the maintenance requirements for the entire asset.
Optimised spare parts holding will reduce stock holding costs, whilst maintaining service availability and minimising production downtime.
Providing visibility of compliance with the regulations.