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Independence in an industry full of bias

When it comes to chemical effectiveness, Oil Plus is dependably independent – providing field-specific solutions that can increase your production while reducing expenditure.

Independent chemical performance evaluation and treatment optimisation strategies

In any oilfield, controlling emulsions, foaming, solids, corrosion, bacteria and scale is critical to the overall effectiveness of the water treatment system. Poor water quality can lead to issues such as declining injectivity in injection wells, increasing the necessity for well work-overs and maintenance shut-downs. High water content in export oil can lead to issues such as increased corrosion in pipelines, pipeline souring and scaling.

Apart from conventional laboratory evaluations such as scale and corrosion inhibitor evaluations, Oil Plus has developed on-site sampling equipment and test methods to independently screen chemicals, in particular, demulsifiers, water clarifiers and biocides under actual operating conditions. Recommendations are often made during the on-site audits and technical performance reviews and, quite often, operators see immediate improvements.

In the longer-term a cost-effective, optimised chemical treatment and monitoring programme that can help minimize monetary investments.