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Oilfield water and process engineering expertise

Science is about knowing; engineering is about doing (Henry Petroski).

Oilfield process engineering – design implications, feasibility, conceptual, FEED, third party design review, system audit, root cause analysis, commissioning, HAZOP, and operator training

Oil Plus can provide help and advice during the early stages of oil and gas field developments. It is important, even at this stage, to ensure that the correct space and weight have been allowed for the water treatment system, whether it is planned immediately, or for installation later on in the field’s life.

We have the engineering and production chemistry capabilities, supported by all the necessary laboratory facilities, specialist on-site equipment and process simulation, to design and achieve the most cost-effective solution for your operational requirements.

Once an initial design has been developed to FEED level, our team can also oversee procurement and commissioning, as well as providing advice and hands-on operational assistance as the facility is brought online. This is followed by site specific training for the client’s operations teams, and we work with them to produce operational and maintenance manuals.