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Identifying the microbes causing havoc in your system

It is often the small things that are overlooked that cause the most damage. Our team of microbiologists use novel techniques for identifiying and controling microorganisms.

Microbiological management – sampling, analysis, identification, prediction, monitoring and mitigation

Macro and microbiological growth can have significant impacts on safe and efficient operations, particularly in water injection and oil production systems. In fact, any location where minor amounts of water may be present (e.g. diesel storage), in drilling and completion fluids, and in potable water systems. This growth causes problems such as reservoir souring, microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), blocked pipelines, injectivity decline and loss due to formation plugging, disintegration of concrete or the production of toxic and corrosive hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas.

Microorganisms are commonly controlled using chemical treatment, however effectiveness of treatment can decline over time. Chemical effectiveness studies can therefore improve operational efficiency and reduce operational expenditure.

It is important to identify and monitor the microorganisms (both archaea and bacteria) over time to highlight any changes in control before incidents occur.