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Oilfield fluid chemistry

Oil Plus’s chemists utilise their knowledge of chemistry to identify the true bad actors in your process.

Production chemistry challenges, development of monitoring and mitigation strategies to address flow assurance problems caused by; asphaltenes, calcium naphthenates (CaN) sodium stabilised soap emulsions (SSSE), gas hydrates, inorganic scales and waxes

Most oilfield production systems need to tackle one or more flow assurance issues such as: inorganic scales, waxes, asphaltenes, soaps, emulsions and hydrates, all of which can affect the performance of process and handling capabilities of separation equipment, either by fouling and or the production of off-specification oil, gas and water.

Where such problems exist, it is essential to understand the behaviour of production fluids by undertaking characterisation surveys across the entire system. This approach will help to identify and understand the root causes behind production system flow assurance problems.

For new field developments, it is recommended that on-site fluids and gas characterisation is undertaken, preferably during appraisal well tests. This work will define the physical and compositional characteristics of oils that will identify the characterisation and properties of the fluids and their stability during the production process. In addition, it will provide vital data for the input into a full front-end engineering design (FEED) study.