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Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school (Albert Einstein).

Oil Plus offers a range of courses based on the chemistry, microbiology and engineering aspects of oil and gas production.

Production chemistry and water injection management, oilfield microbiology, oil-in-water, gas hydrates and practical on-site operational training

The start-up of a plant requires operators who know how it should work, what might go wrong, how to correct it if it does, and when it is running well. Future operators need to understand how and why a plant performs its task.

Oil Plus provides the following standard training courses as well as client-specific courses that are either classroom based or hands-on at production facilities.

  • Production chemistry
  • Water injection management
  • Oilfield microbiology
  • Corrosion and microbiology
  • Natural gas hydrates
  • Oil-in-water analysis by IR absorption