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The root cause discoverers

Oil Plus’s team of microbiologist and corrosion specialists leave no stone unturned when investigating corrosion related process issues.

Corrosion audit, control and mitigation strategies

Corrosion is estimated to cost the oil and gas industry billions of dollars a year, in failures, repair costs, fines and shut downs. There have even been fatalities as a result of the sudden, unexpected failure of pipelines and process equipment. An important feature of any corrosion-related failure analysis is to determine why a specific event has occurred. This will enable the appropriate remedial action to be taken to prevent recurrence. Oil Plus’s corrosion and engineering expertise have been fundamental in previous failure analysis studies. We understand that each corrosion mechanism requires a different mitigation and control technique, for example:

  • Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) – The correct application of biocides, materials selection, change of water composition, reducing microbial numbers, etc.
  • Erosion Corrosion – Material selection, coatings, re-configure piping, remove solids, etc.
  • General corrosion – Application of the most suitable chemical inhibitors, protective coatings, materials selection, better process controls (e.g. avoidance of air ingress), etc.
  • Pitting and under-deposit corrosion – Considering the effects of scales, biofilm and crevices on the corrosion mechanism.
  • Galvanic influences – ensuring that appropriate electrical isolation is in place between differing metallurgies.

Oil Plus utilises the most appropriate technologies when monitoring corrosion in oilfield environments. Existing specialised access fittings can be used or specifically designed and engineered sidestreams can be installed. These sidestreams can be a simple corrosion monitoring tool, or a more sophisticated device for investigating bacterial and / or chemically-derived corrosion (e.g. O2, CO2, H2S), or for testing and evaluating chemical inhibitors.