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Investigation into Halfdan Water Injection Biofilm Using Chemical Microsensors Purchase
Analysis of ‘ARN’ Naphthenic Acids by High Temperature Gas Chromatography and High Performance Liquid Chromatography Purchase
Effects of Nitrate Treatment on a Mixed Species, Oil Field Microbial Biofilm Purchase
Reservoir Simulation of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria Activity in the Deep Sub-Surface Purchase
Produced Water Re-injection and its Impact on Reservoir Souring Request
Corrosion by Suphate-Reducing Bacteria that Utilize Nitrate Purchase
A Novel Approach to Investigate Biofilm Accumulation and Bacterial Transport in Porous Matrices Purchase
Nitrate for Corrosion, Souring Control, and Improved Oil Production Request
Detection and Isolation of Different Functional Groups of Bacteria from an Oil Production System Request
The Influence of Fluid Shear and Material Properties of Sulphate-reducing Bacterial Biofilms Purchase